Rise above from whatever is holding you back and start having your best year, every year.

Rebel Shine Bootcamp

The ultimate 12-week course to embrace who you are, unleash your dreams and rise above from whatever is holding you back!


Do you feel disconnected from your soul or who you are?

Do you hide your dreams and ideas and feel like you’re not enough?

Do you give away your power instead of living a life with purpose?

Does your past hold you captive from moving forward?

Do you feel stuck where you are and which you could well, get unstuck?

Are you putting your happiness on hold and wait for one day to get here?

Do you struggle to take action towards your dreams and create the change you want?

Rebel Shine has been created for you!


This life-changing 12-week online course will give you the tools and knowledge you need to:

〉Discover what you want to be, do and have

〉Get clear on how to reclaim your power

〉Free yourself from the stories that keep holding you back

〉Create boundaries and embrace self-care to honor you

〉Develop gratitude in such a way that serves you

〉Love yourself through welcoming vulnerability without harming yourself

〉Create a life that has you jumping for joy every single day for the rest of your life

Through my own journey, I’ve discovered how you can create the life you’ve been dreaming about that feels really amazing to you - and that is what matters. This is your life to live according to your own vsion. 

And you don't have to figure it out all alone because I am going to be by your side for 90-Days via email with a weekly check-in to keep the focus, encouragement + support and answering your questions. 


Side-effects of me being by your side are:

  • Staying focused on each module + lesson 
  • Choosing yourself as a prioirty 
  • Get through fear when it feels too big + scary
  • Eliminate any excuses that get in the way

Other Benefits are


  • You have someone to check in and support you
  • You get advice + feedback when troubles arise
  • You will use specific goals you can measure
  • People generally do better when they have someone to report to

What exactly will I get from joining Rebel Shine Bootcamp?

  • Instant access to all 12 video modules 
  • Printable Action Guides for each module
  • 90 Day Support + Accountability with me


There are two ways for you to sign up! 

Pay in Full for $297 OR 3 payments of $99!