It's time to stop thinking about your think and release the words onto pages and pages.

Do you have a story to tell? 

Maybe it's a true story or maybe it's your imagination running wild. 

And just maybe you don't know where to start.

I get it because I've been there. For years, I said I would write a book about my life in foster care but I made all excuses known under the sun until my youngest was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder and I acknowledged that life's too short for excuses - but honestly I still didn't know where to start with the whole book writing and publishing process. 

And then, a dear friend mine, told me about self-publishing and it was a matter of 90-days that I had a book written + published from start to finish. 

In thise course, I show you exactly how you too can write your book in 90-days or less - it's really up to you! 

In this course you will learn

  • how to define your topic + chapters 
  • chosing your personal writing process 
  • about proof-reading + editing 
  • creating cover images 
  • about self-publishing 


Isn't it time that you share your message and story with the world? 

  • From Thought to Book
    Include In The Package:
    You have a thought an idea for a book and itu0027s time to take action.
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